“The Great Food Truck Race” winner debuts in Los Angeles

The Great Food Truck Race crowns Los Angeles food truck a winner

Whenever a show on TV runs for 5 years then you know you have a star on your hands.  In this case it’s the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race and their season 5 winner this year was a trio of hopeful Israelis who brought us their mobile food truck concept called, “The Middle Feast.”  Get it?  The Middle East (Feast)?

Born in Los Angeles, Tommy (the idea guy) was already a chef and restaurant entrepreneur before the reality show but when his latest place fell on hard times he decided to re-invent himself with an economical food truck idea.

Why not bring authentic middle eastern food to Los Angeles on a food truck?

He had a catchy name already.  So he recruited his best friend Arkadi and his loyal sister Hilla to complete his dream team and they applied for and were accepted as a participant on the “The Great Food Truck Race.”

Well fast forward 8 months to today, and we have our winner!  FoodRevolt.com had an opportunity to head over to the MPK Night Market in Monterey Park, CA for their soft launch debut and grab an exclusive interview and we wanted to share it with everyone right away!  Feel free to share on your social media channels.

Read the full text interview below:

Food Revolt: So Tommy how nervous were you guys today as you prepared for your debut?  What were some of the emotions going through your head?

Middle Feast: Well first of all we are really, really excited to be here today and take out the truck for the first time…um…it’s feeling like it’s our baby and we’re taking him for the first, first walk.  We’re super happy and super excited to be back in business, to see people and to make food again.  Super excited!

Food Revolt: Our readers want to know, how was it working with Tyler Florence during the show and did he offer to stay in touch with you guys for support and guidance and stuff?

Middle Feast: Well Tyler is really, really a cool guy.  He’s so awesome and um the whole show we looked up to him and everything that he said we took it as, every word that he said, we took it as concrete.  Ya know, whatever he says, ya know we know that he is a big celebrity chef and he knows what he is doing and we respect him.  So…

Food Revolt:  You took it to heart?

Middle Feast: We took it really hard what he tried to say to us,  and we took it very personal and we wanted to…lets…how can I say it…like we wanted to show him.  To prove him that. Yeah, he is a really cool guy. Respectable chef.

Food Revolt:  Yeah, he’s offered to help you guys out, guidance, that kind of stuff afterwards?

Middle Feast: Anytime.

Food Revolt: So how has your reception been with the other food truck owners?  Do you feel like part of the family now here in LA or has anyone, have they walked over and said congratulations or hello?

the great food truck race

Middle Feast: It’s funny that your asking this question because this is the only business that actually I can feel that there is no…um…hate and competition.  Everything is love and actually we need each other to work, ya know so it’s very very much like a family.  And even when we just started the show, the first episode, people were calling us and like, “Hey, welcome to the family” and it’s awesome.  It’s overwhelming.

Food Revolt: So they reached out to you during the show?

Middle Feast: Totally!

Food Revolt:  Wow, that’s so cool!

Food Revolt:  So how did you guys do today?  How were sales, I mean was it, was it overwhelming?  Did you guys do what you thought you guys would do today?

Middle Feast:  Um, well…we pretty much took it easy today because of the weather.  Um…yeah so were kinda of just checking the water, ya know to see what’s going on, to see how much stuff we need to buy.  But as I said, um…this is not our opening event we want to do like a big party, opening party.  So this is like a sneak peek, yeah.

the great food truck race

Falafel Pita

Food Revolt:  And so do you guys have a plan or routine for hot spots, locations and ya know where can LA customers find you guys going forward?  Have you thought that through yet?

Middle Feast: Um yeah well first of all we are still working on getting the truck up and running and ready for the streets.  It’s going to happen very soon and if everyone is going to continue to follow us and show us love.  And, um…follow us online basically.  Twitter, Facebook, everything.  You can see exactly where we’re going to be and updates and everything.  

the great food truck race

Spicy Moroccan Fish Tacos

Food Revolt:  Now Tommy, I know you we’re born in LA and you guys are originally from Israel right?

Middle Feast: Yes.

Food Revolt:  Are you guys living on the Westside, the Eastside because a lot of times food trucks will be out in Venice, Abbot Kinney or sometimes they’ll stay on the Eastside.  Where do you guys kind of see yourselves?  All over, wherever the festivals are? The business is?

Middle Feast:  All over basically.  But I’ll tell you the truth, since we got out of LA, out of California actually, in the show…we felt like we getting a lot of love and we love the people outside so we’re thinking about…first of all we’re really thinking about doing a round trip just to thank all the cities we’ve been to.

Food Revolt:  Wow, ok so like a US Tour?

Middle Feast:  Exactly.  So that’s an idea.  And you know, just spread the love and the food every where.

Food Revolt:  I think that’s a great idea, kind of just drawing on the energy from the show.  That’s fantastic.

Middle Feast:  Yeah, Yeah.

Food Revolt:  And last question for you…where do you guys see yourself in the next 5 years?  Multiple trucks? Franchising?

Middle Feast:  Everything.  Multiple trucks.  Franchising.  I want my shawarma everywhere.

the great food truck race

Food Revolt:  Hahahahaha.  Exactly.

Food Revolt:  Oh and one last question…what’s your favorite dish?

Middle Feast:  Spicy Moroccan Fish Tacos.

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