Hog Roast Cooking Instructions: Yee Hah!

Hog Roast With the Best of the Them

During Christmas time, families across the world partake in the same familiar rituals that remind us of Christmases of our childhood. Every year we decorate the tree with the same ornaments.

We watch the same holiday movies together to get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas dinners, as well, rarely deviate from tradition. For as long as our memories will allow, most of us have been eating the same roasted turkey year after year.

Therefore, maybe it’s time to find a way to incorporate something unconventional into the Christmas menu this year: a hog roast.

Why Serve A Whole Hog?

Turkey is the standard when it comes to holidays, but the reality is that turkey, no matter how you prepare it, can be a bit dull and dry. A roasted hog, however, will be a welcomed change for your guests.

Roasting a whole hog allows your guests to pick from different cuts of pork which are all incredibly diverse in flavor.

A hog is a tad more expensive than a turkey per pound.

However, the satisfaction of your guests will be worth it.

Those food trucks serving a large number of people on a catering gig will benefit the most from roasting a whole hog.

An average medium-sized hog weighs 30-60 pounds and can feed 50 people.

How To Order And Prepare Your Hog

A typical butcher can order a whole hog for you as long as you give them a week’s notice. Or, you may order one directly from a farm.

Be sure to ask your supplier if the hog will be arriving fresh or frozen, as a frozen hog requires about two days to defrost.

Once you receive your hog, you should brine it in a saltwater solution for 24 hours to ensure moistness.

hog roastHog roast companies are now easier to find than ever, and they will provide you with all the equipment required, such as the spit and the accessories needed to create a propane-based heat source.

They will also provide a meat thermometer to ensure that the hog is cooked properly.

A hog must be cooked outdoors.

According to a hog roast company in Loughborough England, a typical medium-sized hog will take 8-10 hours to cook, they will prepare it before turning up to your event so that it finalises by the time you are ready to serve.

How To Serve Your Hog

Once the hog is fully cooked, set it on a large outdoor table and allow it to rest for an hour. Then begin carving it, slicing meat away from the bones and arranging it in whichever way you choose.

The best part about a roasted hog is the variety of sides which complement it. Traditional Christmas sides like cranberry sauce and potato mash go splendidly.

You can also incorporate some popular barbecue sides like macaroni and cheese and pickled vegetables into your menu.

A hog roast is a fantastic way to switch things up this Christmas and surprise your guests both visually and culinarily. Your guests will be grateful for the break from turkey and will remember your Christmas hog roast for years to come.


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