Food Trucks For Sale Across the Nation

Search and Find Food Trucks for Sale Across the Nation

food trucks for sale

Whether your opening food carts, food trucks, concession trailers or a hot dog cart…you’ve come to the right place.  This is concession nation and we’ve gathered all the sales right here for you.  We’ve created a centralized website where you can find all of the food trucks for sale currently being offered on Craigslist, the #1 place people privately buy and sell goods online.  No need to waste time searching Craigslist yourself, we’ve curated all of the food trucks for sale ads right here in one convenient location for you!  If you’re ready to start your mobile kitchen, then look no further.

 food trucks for sale

5 tips when looking for food trucks for sale

When you’re looking for food trucks for sale in any state it’s important to understand a few things before you hand over a large amount of money to anyone.Your food truck kitchen must match your menu

1. Your food truck kitchen must match your menu

A variety of trucks, trailers and carts exist. Like all restaurant of food truck design, the equipment and facilities should support your menu. Trucks are doing wood-fired pizza , char-grilled burgers, hand-cut fries and other fare far beyond the usual griddle setup.  So don’t buy a food truck that’s setup to make desserts if you’re looking to create Asian-fusion tacos.  You’ll spend more in retrofitting the truck than you do on actually buying the truck in that case.

2. Get your permits first

Before getting too excited about your purchase, make sure that once you have a truck, you’ll actually be able to do business. Your municipal department will have a set of regulations for mobile food vending, and, beyond that, the permitting process can be increasingly challenging  for trucks.

If you haven’t researched and gotten your permits first then are you really committed to starting your mobile food business?

Each city has different rules for the road when it comes to food trucks and the permitting process is typically not free.  Make sure you have cash (capital) ready to spend on the food truck permitting process if you’re going to be financing your food truck.

3. Find your local commissary first

State and local health jurisdictions require that food truck operators use commercial kitchens known as commissaries to prepare their food. Commissaries can be catering kitchens or brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchens. In addition to prepping food here, you can dump dirty water, wash the truck and load food without exposing it to the elements. Finding a commissary can be one of most significant challenges to opening a food truck. Try connecting with your local food truck community for recommendations.

4. Know your local laws about food truck rules

Familiarize yourself with food truck laws in your area. Cities regulate truck size, vending locations and hours, sanitation and more. The laws change frequently as cities figure out how to adapt to this new business model. Be flexible in the face of changing laws and consider getting involved in the process, said Johnston.

5. You’re a land pirate now, chart your course

Food trucks are not guaranteed a place to park. “What you’re getting in a cheaper alternative to a restaurant, you’re also giving up in the consistency of having a roof over your head or a guaranteed parking space,” says Matt.

Map out a route plan where your vehicle can go and where you’ll be able to access an enthusiastic customer base — it may take some research, but you’ll save time in the long run sticking with tried-and-true locations.