Food Truck Floor Plans Ultimate Guide

If you’re building your food truck from scratch or even thinking about doing it then you need to be as educated as you can before you contact a food truck builder as that means knowing as much as you can about food truck floor plans as possible.

Unfortunately, there are more bad food truck builders out there than good ones.  If you contact a bad food truck builder before being educated then they will eat you up in extra costs and you won’t know what hit you before you get that final bill.

Food Truck Floor Plans

Before you can even start to think about your food truck floor plans then you must know what type of cuisine you’ll be serving AND what your menu items will be.

Food Truck Floor PlansYou can’t just pick a cuisine and start building your truck because your menu items (and how you’ll cook or prepare them) will drive how your food truck is built out.

Depending on the volume of a certain dish you prepare, you might need extra equipment to really bang out that dish at a quick enough pace in order to keep your lines down, the food hot and your customers happy.

For example, if you plan on starting a coffee truck and also serve some cold sandwiches…well what do you think you’ll need more of? Will you need more refrigerators or espresso machines?

It makes sense as you’re reading this but you wouldn’t believe it if we told you how many food truck operators make critical mistakes when building out their food truck floor plans.  Some even costing them their entire business.

Local Food Truck Regulations

In addition to thinking about your cuisine and the actual dishes you’ll prepare you’ll also have to tackle all of the different health and safety codes in your city.  There are different food truck health codes in every city

All reputable food truck builders usually will guarantee their buildout will satisfy all safety and health codes for the city you’ll be operating in. If they can’t promise you that, then move on to the next builder.

Your builder will advise you on your food truck floor plans that will keep you inline with all local safety and health codes.

Where does your food truck POS System go?

This might seem like an afterthought but I can’t tell you how many times I visit a food truck and I can barely pay the owner because we’re both playing “twister” at his service window due to poor POS or register layout.  Don’t be your own worst nightmare.  Make sure you tell the builder that the service window placement and customer accessibility is important to truck floor plans

He might dismiss it as not crucial but take your customer’s feedback seriously and just make the area accessible.  When you’re ready to compare POS Systems for your new food truck, check out our expert POS reviews here.

And just so you have an idea of what we’re talking about here.  Check out this bad service window set up.

food truck floor plans

Food Truck Floor Plans
All of our example food truck floor plans come courtesy of a great food truck builder over at Apollo Food Trucks. Pay them a visit and tell them Food Revolt sent you.

14 foot Food Truck Floor Plans

So this isn’t the smallest floor plan we’ll be covering but we’re going to start with the 14 foot food truck plan because the smallest is actually spec’d out for an Apollo Sprinter Van and that’s at the end of this article.

food truck floor plans

The above floor plane is for a normal food truck serving possible hot and cold items.  This is your vanilla version of a food truck plan but is still incredibly relevant and would serve 70% of food trucks just fine in their day-to-day operations.  It has fryers, burners, a griddle, a cooler, a prep fridge and plenty of wash sinks to keep everything clean.

The bottom layout is specifically designed for an Ice Cream Food Truck.  It has space laid out for a countertop yogurt machine, a chest freezer and double door freezer.  Again, three wash sinks.  In both of these designs, there is space spec’d out for a large flat screen TV in the front.

food truck floor plans

16 foot Food Truck Floor Plans

Moving on up the size scale you get a lot more than you expect for just the extra 2 feet of space on the inside of your food truck.

You can tell by the floor plan below that at this size you can either sleep in the truck at night (ha ha ha) or you can stuff it with extra capacity for higher volume sales and catering gigs.

This is a mini restaurant kitchen right here with two deep fryers, a 36″ range with 6 burners and three warmer areas.

food truck floor plans

This second food truck floor plan is more for food trucks that have low cooking needs but need a larger prep space.

food truck floor plans

18 foot Food Truck Floor Plans

OK – so now we’re getting into the big boy food trucks.  Think Fortune 500 restaurant chains that have a strong brand and do massive events like Super Bowls, etc.  We really like the example floor plan below because it shows what you can do on the back end of a food truck with a HUGE 86″ inch custom grill.  You can throw down some serious festival volume style BBQ on a beast like this.

food truck floor plans

20 foot “shipping container” Food Truck Floor Plans

The upper elite of the food trucks is reserved for the 20 footers.  Why so elite?  Because you have to have the business to afford a monster like this and the business to keep it going all year round. This isn’t actually a floor plan for a food truck, it’s a floor plan for a “shipping container” which is leveraged a lot by big food truck chains to support massive events like a Coachella Music Fest or something of that size.

food truck floor plans

What we really like about shipping containers is that they look freaking cool.  And you can easily work your way from a food truck to a shipping container mini-restaurant in very short order if you’re successful enough.

shipping container restuarant

Sprinter Food Truck Floor Plans

We end up with our little coffee or ice cream vans with this post and we think that’s ok and appropriate.  Everyone has to start somewhere and outside of a food cart, this is the quickest way to ease into a food truck (we mean van) business.

sprinter van floor plans

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