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Rocket your revenue with our mini food truck classes

Hello and welcome to our training page!

We’ve put together some fantastic mini courses for you at an incredible value and we tell you a little bit about why in the intro video to the right here. Please watch.

That’s me, Travis.

I’m the founder of Food Revolt and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with and reporting on the hard work of thousands of food truckers and their businesses across the United States and globally for the past few years and all I can say is…I’m humbled.

Now we’re ready to share that experience and knowledge with you as you start your own food truck and dream. All of our courses are only $10 and their shot with my iPhone or a screen share and each course is designed to give you 10 ideas you can walk away with to grow your food truck empire.

Don’t baulk at the price. We made them low budget on purpose and put a low budget price on them, because online training and eCourses SHOULDN’T be expensive. Don’t buy a $100+ eCourse on how to run a food truck. We teach you everything you need to know right here…for pennies on the dollar. All that we ask is that you share this page with as many food truckers as you can to share the knowledge you’ve been able to learn.

food truck classes food truck classes food truck classes

Why you should take Food Truck Classes

Running a food truck is just as hard if not harder than running a restaurant.  Would you start a restaurant without any formal training? Probably not, right?

We’re obviously a little bias towards our own classes because we think we offer a tremendous value with our low cost mini courses but either way, you should be taking training of some sort before you get started.

A lot of community colleges are now offering food truck classes and we think the perfect mix is online training and class based training now that they are being offered.

What should you be learning?

This is really tough to say because each food truck owner brings a different and unique set of skills and knowledge to their business but here is a general list of things you should be competent in before you set out to start your truck:

  • Food prep and Food Safety
  • Marketing and Menu basics
  • Managerial Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • Truck Safety and Rules of the Road
  • Food Truck Regulations for your city
  • Food Truck Finance

This is a basic and sparse list of everything you’ll master as an experienced food truck owner but you don’t have to know it all before you get started.  After all, you’ll never be a food truck owner if you don’t take the first step, right?

Start your apprenticeship

We highly recommend reaching out to a local food truck and ask to tag along or work for free.  Yes, we said work for free.  Every great technician, professional or master of any craft always served under an apprenticeship.  You should too.

Pick your favorite food truck and call the owner up.  Tell him about your dream and offer to help for free for a few months.  It’s gonna suck, but its the best way to learn the job on the go and those are when the real lessons get absorbed the best.  Good ‘ol hands on training.

Apply what you learn

You don’t have to have your food truck to apply what you’re learning already.  If you learning about leadership…then apply it in your current job to hone it before you start your food truck. Imagine yourself in the food truck while you’re practicing some of these skill sets.

If you’re putting together your business plan for your food truck with all of the financials, apply that new skill set to your current job too.  Most of the skill sets your learning translate over to what you’re currently doing so flex these muscles as much as possible to perfect them.