5 good reasons to accept credit cards at your food truck

Accept credit cards and increase your trust with the customers.

Customers are not stupid.  And everyday they hear about another business in the news who got busted for not paying their fare share of taxes.

We’re not saying that’s why you still only accept cash, but it could be swirling around the customer’s head.  Customer also know that in order to get approved for a merchant account you need to be a legitimate business.

If you’re slinging food at your food truck and ONLY accepting cash, then your image will be severely discounted in the eyes of the customers.

You’ve worked hard.

You’re not a food cart in its first week of business.  So check out our expert review and roundup of POS systems and make a choice that’s right for your business.

Accept credit cards and watch your sales skyrocket

We really can’t believe this notion still exists but some owners believe that accepting credit cards won’t positively impact your bottom line. 55% actually of all small businesses still do not accept credit cards.

Even without all the extra benefits a solid POS system brings, just the ability to accept credit cards will have exponential and positive effects on your business.

You must accept credit cards to win the millennial business

Guess what the new age bracket is that’s going to be shopping at your food truck.  Millennials.  And guess who’s going to be ordering the most carry-out from your food truck because they are too accustomed to technology and convenience?  Millennials.

69% of millennials will not shop at a business that only accepts cash

You can win over your generation and keep them hooked with out the cash but not the newest generation.  And it’s only going to get worse as time goes on if you’re not up-to-speed with the newest technology for your food truck.

Accept credit cards and win with upsells

It’s really hard to upsell a dessert or a larger drink to the customer if they’ve run out of money isn’t it?  Stubbornness in this area could cost you 30% of potential business every year because you forced the customer to carry cash.

POS Systems can help you run your entire business

Accepting credit cards could be done with a small stand alone processing terminal or with a unit like Square but even a Square device on your mobile phone screams “amatuer”.

And people are just less trusting with personal phones being used as cash registers these days.  POS systems and there set up have dropped dramatically in price over the years and you can even get started with your own iPad that you might have already owned.


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